eBIZ, the CEN Workshop kick-off meeting, concise summary

32 participants from 27 organisations of 8 European countries came together at the Husa Park Hotel premises in Brussels on 29th March for the 1st meeting of the second and new phase of eBIZ, the industry led initiative to boost of eBusiness adoption in the fashion industry.

The CEN-CENELEC Manager Ms. Missiroli officially opened the meeting followed by the EURATEX Director General Mr. Marchi welcoming the numerous, highly qualified, delegates from across Europe.

Mr. Marchi, candidate Workshop Chairman, acknowledged the support of the European Commission (EC) particularly the DG Enterprise & Industry on the whole eBIZ initiative; he mentioned current industry-faced challenges and the benefits of interoperable digital communications for the whole supply-chain of fashion.

Ms. Eleftheriadou, Policy Officer at the European Commission, welcomed the new eBIZ phase stressing the SMEs importance in the Commission political agenda. The Officer insisted on the key, leading, role that Industry must play to exploit and further pursue the work started with the EC support for the purpose of boosting digital innovation, namely harmonised eBusiness, in the fashion industry.

Two presentations from CEN-CENELEC and EURATEX managers elaborated on the instrument of CEN Workshop (how it works, roles and deliveries) and the 2nd eBIZ phase (objectives, time calendar, who-does-what, expected results).

These contributions triggered a lively debate in the room exchanging views, occasionally quite different, on the scope and activities to be undertaken over the 15-months work programme. Insights of national eBusiness visions and actions which are on-going across Europe for decades were discussed, also touching upon the relevance of a comprehensive gap analysis at the beginning of the works.

Marking the stakeholders’ interests, the discussion was useful to recall the overall eBIZ scope, particularly the benefits pursued for both the fashion industry and the related ICT operators, as well as the importance of flexibility for harmonized eBusiness solutions.

The formal undertakings of the CEN eBIZ Workshop included the approvals of the Business Plan (the description of the work plan), the terms of reference for the selection of 6 experts leading the work, the proposed AENOR secretariat of the Workshop and finally the proposed Chairman in the person of the EURATEX Director General Mr. Marchi.

The most significant amendment to the Business Plan took place at request of three European Sectorial Associations to promote and support the CEN eBIZ Workshop within its members. These important expressions of interest were introduced by AEDT (The European Association of Fashion Retailers represented by its Secretary General Mr. Bedeschi), CEC (The European Confederation of the Footwear Industry as of message transmitted by President Mr. Artioli), and FESI (Federation of the European Sport goods Industry represented by its Secretary General Mr. Bichi)

All formal undertakings were unanimously approved. In particular the wide industry endorsement testified by the three Sector Associations was welcomed by the Workshop proposers.
Closing messages included:  the openness of the CEN eBIZ Workshop to stakeholders throughout the next 15-months of work; the relevance of addressing comprehensively the supply-chain needs, particularly those of SMEs; the unique opportunity and challenges for all the workshop participants.

Mauro Scalia, EURATEX Project Manager. Brussels 3 April 2012


The CEN eBIZ Workshop Kick off meeting

Premises: Brussels, 29th March 2012 morning.

Objectives: discuss eBIZ objectives and scope; validate the Business Plan & governance; work preparation; networking.

Participants:, AEDT (Europe), AENOR (ES), AITEX (ES), BAATPE (BG), Bivolino nv. (BE), B2B Grid (BE), Agathis consulting (BE), CCG (DE), CEN-CENELEC (Europe), CENTEXBEL (BE), CNA Federmoda (IT), European Commission DG Enterprise (Europe), Confindustria Bergamo (IT), ENEA (IT), EURATEX (Europe), FashionUnited Indicia (NL), FESI (Europe), F.lli. Piacenza SpA (IT), GS1 Benelux (BE/LU), GS1 Germany (DE), GSC Consulting (DE), INESCOP (ES), SMI (IT), Tor Inf. Systems (UK), TMTE (HU), TXT eSolutions (IT), Uni. College Ghent (BE)