What is the eBIZ initiative?

In today’s complex and fast-changing trade/economic environment the Fashion industry requires efficiency, easy communication and fast time-to-market reaction.

Standards and agreed reference architectures allow suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to digitally connect their businesses (e-Business) within the value chain, in a cost-efficient way.

Despite lots of initiatives in the fashion industry, standardisation and widespread adoption of a common digital language by companies is still lacking.

That is why eBIZ has been created.

eBIZ: 3 different phases

eBIZ is an initiative started with the eBIZ-TCF project, in January 2008 by the European Commission to boost e-business processes in the Textile & Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Industries (phase I).

After the eBIZ-TCF project, the CEN Workshop eBIZ, was launched in 2012 as standardisation initiative to consolidate, update and promote the use of eBIZ and its Reference Architecture (phase II).

In 2016 a new project, eBIZ 4.0, is launched to foster its adoption among European industries and software developers and to exploit synergies with the RFID technology (phase III).

Beyond the projects, the eBIZ initiative is leaded by EURATEX with the support of an advisory board to foster its adoption and maintain and improve its contents.