eBIZ history


December 2018

eBIZ 4.0 successfully ends, major European brands and suppliers join the eBIZ user community


15 December 2016

kick off meeting of the new action eBIZ 4.0  takes place in Alicante, Spain.


23 April 2015

4th eBIZ Advisory Board is convened in Florence in collaboration with IT4Fashion2015.


21 November 2014

3rd meeting of the eBIZ Advisory Board in Brussels, partially joined by the European Commission.


23 June 2014

2nd meeting of the eBIZ Advisory Board takes place in Brussels, also joined the European Commission and Regional Authorities. Meeting notes are publicly released.


28 november 2013

The eBIZ Advisory Board meets in Brussels, also with the European Commission and CEN, to discuss next steps implementing the Action Plan. Meetings notes are publicly released.


24 July 2013

The Architecture is published by CEN as official CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) and it is endorsed by 56 companies and organisations from 14 European countries.

Information on eBIZ is available in up to 7 languages.


26 June 2013

The Workshop membership has increased 3 times since the beginning and accounts for 74 professionals from 54 organisations.

At the final plenary meeting in Brussels the new eBIZ Reference Architecture is finally approved by the present Members.

EURATEX presents the next action plan.


April 2013

A 60-days public consultation phase begins, 6 public meetings also take place and allow any interested party to comment or to propose new items for the Architecture. In total 166 minor comments will be received (See eBIZ video 2013 below).

Start of phase II

February 2013

The early draft of the new Reference Architecture is sent to all Workshop Members for comments.


November 2012

At the plenary and public meetings in Madrid the Project Team and participants assess progress and discuss business needs. The next steps are agreed.


October 2012

The results of the Gap analysis are sent to the 51 members of the Workshop for comments and validation.


April - September 2012

The eBIZ project team carries out a Gap analysis on latest e-Business requirements and business needs. All members of the Workshop have 3 occasions to express requirements and to comment.


March 2012

The first meeting of the e CEN eBIZ Workshop takes place in Brussels.

Start of phase II: expansion

January 2012

EURATEX and CEN announce the CEN eBIZ Workshop, an open initiative to take the eBIZ results one step further, towards a single, harmonized, electronic language, even more widely adopted by the Fashion industry.

This new phase is funded and supported by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry.


July 2010

Conclusion of the promotional tours which set eBIZ info-days in 6 European countries (See eBIZ video 2010 below).


December 2009

The 5th and final version of the eBIZ Reference Architecture is delivered.

This key result is used in normal business operations in European medium size companies as well as in large worldwide known fashion groups.


October 2009

In less than two years eBIZ works with more than 150 European companies gathered in 17 pilots enabling harmonized (interoperable) e-Business connections. eBIZ proves the benefits of interoperability and digital communications at European scale in the supply-chain. Key benefits are: costs reduction, improved efficiency and reduced time-to-market for fashion goods. The major result delivered is the eBIZ Reference Architecture for e-Business in the fashion industry. The Architecture is used by the Pilots’ companies to run their normal business opearation of orders and data exchange via computer.

Start of phase I: development

January 2008

The European Commission launches the pilot phase of eBIZ to boost e-Business processes in the Textile/Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Industries, particularly for the SMEs. The so-called eBIZ-TCF project starts, coordinated by EURATEX participated by CEC and ENEA .