The BOARD of the eBIZ initiative, after a consultation on the current draft version of eBIZ, has published the new official version of eBIZ specifications, namely version eBIZ 2018, based on the results of the eBIZ 4.0 project and on the collection of other further requirements emerged after the release of the last official version, eBIZ 2013.

In this new 2018 version eBIZ 4.0 project has contributed with a lot of work based on three pilots that explored various aspects of the fashion supply chains (textile, clothing, footwear, etc.) across different countries (Italy, France, Spain, but also Germany, Hungary, Portugal, just to mention some of the involved countries).

Indeed, the eBIZ pilots allowed to explore scenarios not yet supported by the specifications (like the “Subcontracted fashion manufacturing” processes) and, at the same time, to discover further requirements for the already supported ones (for example, for better supporting the RFID information in the logistic electronic business documents).

It is important to highlight that the changes to the eBIZ specifications do not compromise its backward compatibility; this ensure the interoperability between systems based on older versions and others adopting the new one.
The implemented changes involve all the components of the specification: documents, processes, elements of the vocabulary and code lists; as a result of the huge work done there are two new business processes, 3 new documents, more than 130 terms and 300 updates in the existing terms.

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