With the titile “eBIZ-TCF harmonising e-Business in the textile, clothing and footwear industry” the Group was launched 5 years ago during the first eBIZ development pilot phase, as the very first release of the eBIZ Reference Architecture was being prepared.

Initially the Group was used by some 19 professionals looking for peers, experiences and new technical inputs on digital data exchange (e-Business) of interest for the three sectors.

The membership has constantly grown keeping the original purpose while reaching out to more and more professionals with a business interest in the, relativelly, small “niche” area of e-Business in Textiles, clothing and footwear.

Currently the Group is an effective quick-info point and networking tool with 340+ stakeholders from across the globe. Most members are Senior / experienced Managers, based in Europe and working in Fashion or IT companies,both SMEs and large companies.

Members of the Group  access  just-released information on all eBIZ major developments as well as updates on progresses / events which are relevant to boost digital-data exchange in textiles clothing and footwear industry. The Group is managed by EURATEX and ENEA.

As of October 2014 the Group is renamed with the more straightforward, and appropriate, name:


eBIZ, one digital language for fashion