Fashion and digital are two words that usually attract different types of professionals but that combine very much; the IT4Fashion event has understood that equation and is boosting this new trend.

Last 19-20 April, the seventh edition took place in Florence. IT4Fashion is an industrial and scientific conference and exhibition where fashion companies, brands, practitioners, researchers, educationalists and software houses come together to discuss digital technology in our industry. Participants came from all over Europe and abroad.

The success stories presented are a way to prove how technological innovations in IT (Information Technologies) play an important role in the companies’ responses to the ever-increasing challenges of a world in rapid change.

Connecting businesses and people, eBIZ 4.0 project has been presented by EURATEX, Kyklos, ENEA and business testimonials explaining the digitisation of the fashion supply chain.

Speakers stressed how the eBIZ 4.0 project is moving forward with digital data exchange and will deliver results on traceability, fight against counterfeiting, time to market and warehouse management. It is the new step of the 8-year long industry driven initiative to digitise the European fashion supply chain. As many as 100 companies are going to be digitally connected in three pilots which are already actively working across Europe. This action will deliver IT solutions combining the benefits of the eBIZ digital language with RFID or NFC technologies.

IT4Fashion was a good occasion to expose the eBIZ 4.0 case study and show how IT technologies used by fashion companies may help to improve their traceability and act more sustainably in front of more and more conscious customers.

An opportunity is presented for IT solution providers and European textile, clothing and footwear companies both to present their view on RFID and eBIZ* as well as to investigate options to participate in the pilots work and with business partners in France, Spain and Italy.

Survey to analyse the adoption level of RFID and the eBIZ standard and to investigate companies motivations here.

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