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SCMX With globalization and the outsourcing of production on a constant rise, companies have an ever-increasing need to be integrated with its suppliers. Companies turn to external suppliers at times for specific production phases, and at others for the entire production cycle. Raw material procurement can be managed internally, or else finished goodscan be acquired directly. SCMX manages the entire production process in a complete and integrated way, both within the company and at the suppliers or labor areas, including phase, process advancement and raw material monitoring

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Kyklos is a company which was founded in 2003 and which specializes in the development of software and solutions for the fashion and luxury industry. Our company has gained a long-standing experience in the area of passive cycle management, in particular with Supply Chain and Quality management, and thus offers innovative and specific products in these two areas, both from a technological as well as from a process-definition point of view.


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