eBIZ 4.0

The next step for one digital language in the fashion supply chain

About eBIZ 4.0


Increase your ability to trace your entire production chain (RFID and more)


eBIZ standard aim to combat counterfeiting in the fashion industry

Digital Data Exchange

Use the eBIZ standard to use only one digital language in the fashion industry

Fashion companies in the supply chains are mutually dependent.
The full potential of digital communications can only be realised with times to market effectively reduced if ALL business partners are digitally integrated.
IT providers offering eBIZ compliant solutions enjoy a competitive advantage because they can support ANY of their fashion clients better.

eBIZ 4.0: the new step of the eBIZ initiative

A common language beyond borders

eBIZ is the European public private initiative pursuing the use and greater interoperability of digital communication across the fashion industry supply chain.

Why a standard language?

Reducing costs, erase errors and save time. A common language facilitates any company to set up data exchange with the new clients or suppliers, and improve quality of collaboration.

How does it work?

The company’s usual IT suppliers or other IT specialists consult the eBIZ Reference Architecture – a technical guiding document – and related online resources to create new or update existing connections with customers and suppliers.

What companies say?


cost reduction of orders management


cut down of personnel costs in production planning and scheduling


efficiency gain in the production planning and control


saved time to fulfill orders

Reference Architecture

The Reference Architecture is a Guide for the solution providers and the IT professionals of the companies.

It is a technical guiding document, supported by online resources [Learn more…] and compliance-check tools, that should be used by the IT professionals to achieve interoperability in their IT solutions.

The Architecture is public and free and defines agreed specifications on: Business Models, Business Processes, Data Models, Product Identification and Classification, Communication Protocols.


There are four main types of elements in the Architecture. The hereafter criteria of conformance indicate what is expected from users who wish to adopt the eBIZ Reference Architecture.

You can download the document using this link.


eBIZ at workshop of CEN

Euratex representing the European textile and apparel industry as well as the  eBIZ  project team joined the some 100 participants who contribuited to the workshop organised by CEN to roadmap on standards for digital transformation. Euratex key points touched upon:...

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3rd training on eBIZ

The ENEA, technical partner of eBIZ since 2008 and organization in charge of writing the eBIZ Rererence Architecture under CEN Workshop supervision, organises the 3rd edition of the eBIZ training course. The training is free of charge, held in Italian language and...

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5th eBIZ AB meeting in ITMA

"ITMA is the world’s most established textile and garment machinery exhibition since 1951 [...] The drive towards sustainability in the entire textile and garment value chain is increasingly integrated with enlightened business practices, and innovative technology...

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