The Architecture changes in 2013

Thanks to the CEN eBIZ Workshop, a new, upgraded, version of the eBIZ Reference Architecture is released in 2013.


Which upgrades?

The upgrades address new business needs on digital communication identified through the Gap analysis carried out by the Project Team with contributions by Members of the Workshop.


How was it done?

Based on the Gap Analysis the Project Team elaborated a Roadmap, a simplified extract of the Roadmap (v3.1) is herein shared for transparency. This document summarises the topics, the timing and the who-does-what to produce the new eBIZ Reference Architecture.


A broad consultation

In April 2013 the Draft of the upgraded eBIZ Reference Architecture was released on the CEN website and widely advertised. A 60 days public consultation was launched by AENOR and six meetings took place acros Europe gathering about 150 professionals from IT supliers, fashion companies and otehr related organisations. 

During the consultation 166 minor comments were received and 163 comments were integrated in the final version.


The approval

Based on the consultation results, the Architecture was modified and the new version was approved at the Workshop plenary meeting (26 June).

A total of 54 companies/ organisations from 14 countries have officially endorsed the Architecture (names are published in the document's foreword)


The final version

The Architecture final version was published by CEN on 24th July 2013 as an official CEN WORKSHOP AGREEMENT (CWA).

The Architecutre is available at this page (CEN Website), name of the file: CEN Workshop Agreement