Participation to the CEN eBIZ Workshop is open free of charges to any interested stakeholder.

Professionals and companies joining the CEN eBIZ Workshop benefit of the opportunity to propose and influence the work items such as needs and solutions for wider and interoperable digital data exchange (e-Business).                      


Once the work-items are defined, participants are welcome to provide contributions in line with their business interests and competences.

Every participant's point of view is welcome and addressed, transparency of decision making is guaranteed by the CEN standard procedures. 

Participants were invited to respond by e-mail to six consultations launched in 2012 (April, June and September) and 2013 (January, March and June).

Participants were equally welcomed to join three planned plenary meetings (March 2012 , November 2012, June 2013) and to collaborate in any public activity such as meetings, round-table with clients, local workshop and conferences.

At the end of the CEN eBIZ Workshop, participants have freely decided whether reject or validate the new eBIZ Reference Architecture based on their own interests and preferences.

56 companies and organisations from 14 European countries endorse the new eBIZ Reference Architecture.