The Workshop Phase (2012)

In January 2012 EURATEX and CEN announce the CEN eBIZ Workshop, an open initiative moving from the eBIZ-TCF results and pursuing a single (harmonised) digital language for data-exchange in the fashion industry.

The CEN eBIZ Workshop lasts 18 months and is a unique opportunity for fashion companies, retailers and IT companies to work together on needs and solutions for wider digital data exchange across the supply chain. 

The ultimate goal is to help SMEs (small and medium companies) and large companies to innovate and improve digital communication with both suppliers and clients.

Chaired by the EURATEX Director General Mr. Marchi the kick-off meeting takes place on 29 March in Brussels and is succesfully compleated with the final Plenary meeting on 26 June 2013

The CEN eBIZ Workshop (2012-2013) is the second part of the permanent eBIZ initiative which started with the eBIZ-TCF project (2008 – 2010)


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