Case histories

Detailed reports of some of the 2010 pilots.

Italian Textile eBIZ

A network of textile and clothing companies in Italy and Bulgaria exchanging order, order response, order status, despatch advice documents and a “defects map” compliant with the eBIZ-TCF reference architecture.

Portuguese Footwear eBIZ

The network extends over the whole footwear pipeline and includes shoemakers, shoes component manufacturers, wholesale shoe traders and retailers in Portugal and Spain and is based on the ShoeBiz platform which has been adapted to comply with the eBIZ-TCF architecture.

Fashion Sector in Finland

The network is built around Texmoda Fashion Group, the largest textile and clothing service and buying group in Finland and exchange catalogue, order, order response, sales report, invoice and inventory report.

Consorzio IPSA

A consortium formed by four Italian enterprises operating in the textile industry, in order to design and implement a state of the art B2b cooperation system based on the ICT technologies.
They exchange orders, order responses, order changes and despatch advices using both 'web mode' and 'P2P mode' communications.

e-Business in Greece and Hungary

The network is built by NNS Consortium around NOTA S.A, a pure SME company in the textile /clothing sector, the network includes suppliers (upstream) as well as retail organisation (downstream).