The Pilot Phase (2010)

Compleated in 2010, the first phase of the eBIZ initiative starts in early 2008 when the European Commission, DG Enterprise (now DG Grow), entrusts to a three partners consortium (EURATEX, CEC, ENEA) the responsibility of a pilot project to: Harmonise e-Business (i.e. digital data exchange) processes and data exchanges for SMEs in the textile/clothing and footwear sectors in the Single European Market.

Winning a Commission public tender, the project (eBIZ-TCF) is the first initiative of its kind attempting to create a single digital language for the fashion industry. The project does not re-invent the wheel, create new software or standards but it brings together all previous similar exercises carried out in Europe. 


Tasks of this pilot phase include:

  • analyse the level of e-business adoption in the sectors across the EU,
  • developing a technical Reference Architecture to allow e-business interoperability across the sectors whole supply chains,
  • testing and improving the Reference Architecture with fashion companies using e-Business in real business operations;
  • runing an information campaign to raise awareness on the benefits of harmonised e-Business for the fashion industry


In two and half years the eBIZ-TCF project accomplishes  all its tasks, achieving 2 major results:

  1. The first eBIZ Reference Architecture is released. It is a guiding technical document which describes a coherent framework of existing specifications to enable interoperability in e-Business. This means that companies which use eBIZ-compatible-softwares can easily exchange digital data (e.g. orders) all across the Textile, Clothing and Footwear supply chains. 
  2. The eBIZ Reference Architecture is used by more than 180 fashion companies and their usual IT solution providers, in every-day business operations.


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