get involved in eBIZ

eBIZ is an open initiative for the benefit of textile and apparel companies.

Any party interested in promoting the use and greater interoperability of digital communication (e-Business) in the fashion supply-chain is welcome to collaborate. 


Following the succesful phase 1 (pilots, 2010) and phase 2 (CEN eBIZ Workshop, 2012) the current eBIZ activities focuses on:

  1. monitoring the growing eBIZ adoption, 
  2. promoting eBIZ as single digital communication language for fashion and supporting the choice of eBIZ,
  3. assessing new requirements of the fashion industry to keep eBIZ up to the business needs

These activities are coordinated by Euratex and steered by the eBIZ Advisory Board in line with the reccomendations of the  eBIZ action plan approved by the Members of the CEN Workshop convened at the final plenary meeting 



The eBIZ Advisory Board (AB) implements the eBIZ action plan and meets twice a year. For transparency and wider promotion, Euratex releases public notes after the meetings.

  • 1st  meeting of the Advisory Board, Brussels  28 November 2013 - meeting notes
  • 2nd meeting of the Advisory Board, Brussels  23 June 2014 - meeting notes
  • 3rd meeting of the Advisory Board, Brussels   21 November 2014 - meeting notes
  • 4th meeting of the Advisory Board, Florence   23 April 2015 - meeting notes
  • 5th meeting of the Advisory Board, Milan        16 November 2015 - press release


Stakeholders interested to participate in AB meetings or to get involved in other eBIZ activities are welcome to contact Euratex,  contact details:

Mauro Scalia, Project Manager

e-mail  mauro.scalia[at]